SOPA Sampling Service

Discounted sampling service for soil, leaf, forage and manures exclusively for SOPA Members. 

SOPA Sampling Service

One of SOPA's core aims is to protect and uphold the organic integrity of all products produced by our members and certified by us.

We have collaborated with Lancrop (part of Yara) to offer a discounted sampling service for soil, leaf, forage and manures exclusively for SOPA Members.

Using the sampling service, you can take your own samples, send them free to Lancrop in a pre-paid envelop with your completed order form and receive the analysis back from SOPA.  We have negotiated discounted rates for each analysis so you can decide what you want to learn from your farm and get the data for a competitive price.  At this stage we cannot give bespoke FACTS qualified advice on the analyses and we recommend you seek independent advice to interpret your results.

This SOPA service offers 25 different analyses, from basic soil to complex biology, organic matter & soil texture alongside leaf tissue, FYM, slurry and forage analysis.  Some of the tests are very complex so you can decide which analyses you are interested in. The data will help you gain independent information with no sales pitch, so you can make your own informed decisions about improvements to management, better productivity and precise environmental status on parameters like soil carbon and organic matter.  You will be invoiced directly by SOPA for using the sampling service.  SOPA Members can find out more here or by emailing

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