Certificate of Inspection Validation Reminder

Organic Imports and Exports - using TRACES NT and applying for Certificates of Import

Please be reminded the Certificate of Inspection (COI) needs to be generated in TRACES NT and in turn validated by OF&G (Scotland) before a shipment leaves.  For exports it is important that you ensure the COI is submitted with enough time for your Certification Officer (CO) to process the COI.  Failure to have the COI validated before the consignment leaves GB will mean the organic status of the goods is lost.  Due to the added administration, we reluctantly charge a small fee to process COI's (from £15+VAT). Where there is an outstanding invoice for previous COI validations this will delay the validation on future COIs until payment is made.

For imports from outside the EU the organic import regulation states that a COI should also be endorsed before departure.

As always, you are required to notify Port Health prior to any shipment arriving.

At this time organic products imported from the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland to Great Britain still do not require an accompanying COI.

If you have any queries on the export or import of organic goods these should be directed to your OF&G Scotland Processor Certification Officer (CO).


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