Demand for Organic Beef & Lamb


Farm Stock Scotland, procurement agents for Caledonian Organics, are reporting strong demand for both organic beef and lamb at present with Farm Stock Scotland having several new outlets looking to secure numbers.  Similarly, organic store cattle & lambs are also in short supply currently.

 Farm Stock Scotland report that organic cattle have taken a welcome jump in value with premiums varying between 30-50p/kg dependent on the type and quality of the cattle, with overall base prices in the region of 400-420p/kg.  The organic lamb premium has eased to around 10p/kg over conventional lambs this week (w/c 15/08) with the majority of processors.  As expected at this time of year the premium has fallen due to an increased supply of organic lamb finally coming forward.  Having said that, we are still 80p/kg ahead of where we were this week last year, almost £17/head on a 21kg carcase which is extremely welcome.

Looking forward, we expect the organic lamb premium to come under pressure when numbers peak but overall lamb values to remain well above average, certainly until early September. Organic cattle continue to be in short supply and we expect this to continue in the months ahead.


The demand for Organic Beef & Lamb is not set to change in the next few weeks so now is a good time to contact Farm Stock Scotland and book in prime numbers while the processors are seeking weekly throughput.  And also to discuss your options for selling organic store cattle & lambs.


To book a slot for organic beef or lamb contact the Farm Stock Scotland Procurement team;

David Marshall, Operations Manager on 07808 329 719

Guy Old, Procurement Officer – SW Scotland & North of England on 07766 088 900

Vicky Stebbings, Procurement Officer on 07767 298 382 or

Jonny Williams, Procurement Officer on 07817 702 988

Please check out for further information.

Farm Stock Scotland are certified to the SOPA Standards to procure all classes of organic livestock.

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Published date: 6 Sep 2016
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