The EU Commission (EC) is carrying out a review of the current organic regulation (834/2007) that sets the baseline rules for all organic food and farming throughout Europe.

 Some of the draft proposals are quite revolutionary, others are not.  We need to argue against any changes that would harm SOPA member businesses. The law is not likely to change until 2017 but we must not be complacent and it is important to act now.

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SOPA Member Consultation EU Reg

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One thing to keep in mind is that the SOPA organic standards are in many cases higher than the EU Reg 834/2007.  If some of the proposed changes aren't familiar to you it may well be where the SOPA standard is currently different.  When the EU confirms any changes the SOPA standards will have to be amended to remain compliant with the legal baseline.

The SOPA team are working hard on this and we seek your involvement so feel free to contact us by email or on 0131 335 6606

If you want to find out more from the EU website you can find it here

Defra have recently held the first round of discussions with UK stakeholders and are continuing to seek views.  You can read about what has been said already Summary of Commission s Proposal for a New Organic Regulation final and Impacts of proposed changes to EU Organic Reg

Published date: 7 Aug 2014