Concerns in Crisis Weather

We are increasingly concerned about organic farmers and their livestock in the hardest hit areas - southwest Scotland, Arran and Kintyre.

Reports are coming in from SOPA members that they are worried about stock shelter and the availability of organic feeds.  We have stepped up our efforts to help facilitate the movement of organic feeds, but it is increasingly difficult to source and expensive! 

The situation for organic farmers is desperately acute and the late spring will have enduring effects with grass growth being hampered by such cold soil conditions.

In the first instance, any farmers who are experiencing difficulty should call the SOPA office to investigate options to protect animal welfare and what can be done within the organic standards. 

Other help is available via a crisis fund set up by Scottish Government. The Scottish Government has made available £500,000 to help farmers meet the costs of disposing of animals lost due to the current severe weather. To take advantage of the compensation scheme, farmers need to be members of the Fallen Stock Company and have their animals collected by a firm that is also a member.

You may also have heard about helicopter feeding flights that were set up at the end of last week.

To contact RSABI, call 0131 472 4166 or visit

Published date: 2 Apr 2013