NEWS - Red Tape Consultation


Farm Regulation - Doing Better

Scottish Government is acting on Brian Pack's proposal to reduce the amount of red tape endured by Scotland's farming community.

There is an online dialogue app set up with free (and easy) registration. This is an excellent opportunity to let your voice be heard on how Scottish Government bureaucracy wastes time, money and duplicates effort.

Some of the topics raised already are

  • Farm Assurance reduces the risk of non-compliance
  • Digital access reduces error
  • Cross Compliance
  • Sheep EID
  • Diffuse Pollution
  • Cattle identification

We see this open dialogue as an opportunity for certified organic farmers to reduce the duplication of paperwork.  We want to get agreement on areas where the organic inspection and certification process is equivalent, or indeed higher, than Scottish Government reporting requirements.

So, for instance, we believe it is logical for organic farmers to be exempted from duplicating reports under

  • NVZ requirements
  • Animal welfare
  • Animal health

In order to respond as an organisation, we are seeking SOPA member views on these, and other, ways that Scottish Government red tape could be reduced for organic farmers.

You can make your representation directly via the Doing Better online Dialogue or contact us by email with your views.



Published date: 4 Feb 2013