NEWS - Scotland's Future Farmer Award


Anyone farming in Scotland who is keen to inspire others to try practical ideas for improving sustainability is eligible for the Award. Both direct applications and nominations are accepted. Applications relating to livestock management should note that the Trust sets great store on livestock welfare and good husbandry. Applications for 2012 are now open and will close on Friday 29th April. 

Previous winners include SOPA members Chris and Denise Walton of Peelham Farm in Berwickshire.


Each year, the winning farmer will be given £4,000, a commemorative plaque and a package of support to help them promote their ideas to other land managers.

VistaThe Award aims to showcase ways in which Scotland can produce food, fibre and wood products from farms and crofts in a commercially viable way while maintaining the natural capital of the land and minimising the ecological footprint of farming activities. Your ideas can incorporate nature conservation or leisure activities but there must be a core element of productive farming.


See the Future Farmer website for more information

Published date: 4 Apr 2012