Event - North East Organic Discussion Group 12th March 2020


North East Organic Discussion Group Meeting

Date: Thursday 12th March 2020 (booking essential either by contacting Aileen Buchanan, SAC Consulting Elgin or online via this link)

Time: 1.00pm to 4.30pm

Location: Upper Wheedlemont, Rhynie, AB54 4LL.

Theme: Grassland

For this meeting the group will return to Upper Wheedlemont to hear how Alastair Wilson has been managing his paddock grazing system and the lessons learnt.  The group first visited at the end of May 2017 when Alastair  had not long setup the grazing system.  The focus of the meeting will be on grassland: looking at the benefits of rotational/paddock grazing; setting up a grazing platform & overcoming problems and; sowing the right grass mixture depending on the farm circumstances.

Following the farm visit the group will move to the Rhynie Church Hall for refreshments followed by a presentation on grassland management by Ewan Johnston, Senior Agricultural Consultant, SAC Consulting Solutions.

Alistair Wilson  Upper Wheedlemont   cattle

This is the fourth meeting of four planned for the third year (2019/20) of the NE Organic Farming Discussion Group.  If you want to know more about the meeting or the discussion group in general please contact Aileen Buchanan, SAC Consulting Elgin on 01343 548 787 or e: aileen.buchanan@sac.co.uk. 

The North East Organic Farming Discussion Group has been established and funded through the Farm Advisory Service (FAS), facilitated by SAC and now in its second year. The group is Free to join for existing organic producers and those considering converting their business to organic management within the North East area.  The meetings provide a fantastic opportunity to find out about organic farming, to get together to exchange ideas, learn from each other and hear about current research.

Published date: 17 Feb 2020