Sale Report: United Auctions, Huntly Mart - Autumn Sale of Organic Store Cattle


United Auctions, Huntly Mart (Thursday 11th October 2018) sold 362 stores and OTM cattle. Which also included the annual Organic sale of store cattle.

Well bred cattle carrying flesh met a keen demand, however the days average was hindered by a large proportion of the day’s cattle forward being lighter and lacking flesh, which in reflection of the high forseen wintering costs saw these types of animals meet a selective demand.
With Organic AAX bullocks from SOPA Member Dalnavert, Kingussie topping average p per kg for overall sale.

Organic store cattle (56) Top gross bullocks being £1120 for a 485kg LimX from Swinside Farms, Selkirk. Selling to top of 256.9p per kg for AAX from Dalnavert, Kingussie
Top gross heifers being £1050 for a 485kg AAX from Dalnavert, Kingussie. Selling to a top of 233.7p per kg for 385kg LimX’s from Swinside Farms, Selkirk.

HFRS –301-350kg - £730 The Hills, Selkirk; 351-400kg - £900 Mainhill, St Boswells; 401-450kg - £970, 218p Dalnavert, Kincraig; 451-500kg - £1050 Dalnavert, Kincraig.

BLKS – Up to 250kg - £540 Dalnavert, Kincraig; 251-300kg - £655,256.9p Dalnavert, Kincraig; 351-400kg - £900, 240p The Hills, Selkirk; 451-500kg - £1120, 230.9p Mainhill Farm, St Boswells.


Full sale report available at United Auctions Huntly Mart.

Published date: 17 Oct 2018