Sale Report: C & D Auction Marts Ltd, Dumfries Mart – Autumn Sale Organic Store Cattle


C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their Annual autumn sale of organic cattle in Dumfries, on Monday 1st October 2018, where they had an entry of 125.

A show of predominately forward stores met sharp competition with buyers very active for greater numbers.  Top average p/kg for heifers up on last year’s sale with organic bullocks and heifers generally commanding a premium above non-organic per kg.

83 Bullocks Averaged 225p/kg to 272.7p/kg and £1240

42 Heifers Averaged 217.3p/kg to 293.8p/kg and £1170

Organic Bullocks – Per Head

Simmental to £1240, £1020, £1000 Outer Blair

Angus to £1230 Outer Blair, £1060 Dolphinton.

Limousin to £1210, £1130, £1050 Swinside, £1200 Main Hill

Shorthorn to £1210, £960 Swinside

British Blue to £1150 Torhousemuir.

Belted Galloway to £870 Askerton

Holstein to £820 Outer Blair

Organic Bullocks - Per Kilo

Limousin to 272.70p, 265.90p Swinside

British Blue to 261.40p Torhousemuir

Simmental to 259.70 Outer Blair

Shorthorn to 249.50p Swinside

Angus to 248.50p Outer Petrucci

Organic Heifers – Per Head

Simmental to £1170, £1000 Outer Blair, £1120 Torhousemuir

British Blue to £940 Torhosuemuir

Limousin to £930 Swinside

Charolais to £830 Gillespie

Organic Heifers - Per Kilo

Simmental to 259.70p Outer Blair

Charolais to 255.40p Gillespie

Limousin to 237.30p Swinside

British Blue to 229.30p Torhousemuir

For full sale report see C & D Auction Marts Ltd website.

Published date: 3 Oct 2018