EVENT: Wake Up TO Organic 2018 - OTB Press Release


Calling all independent retailers: join us (OTB) for Wake Up To Organic on 13 June 2018.

The Organic Trade Board is calling on independent retailers to join Wake Up To Organic, its annual event supporting independents to grow their sales of organic. The campaign is designed to drive footfall and promote how easy it is to switch to a delicious organic breakfast – food as it should be.

Over 160 stores nationwide have already signed up to the event which takes place on the morning of Wednesday 13 June 2018. You can find out which stores are already joining in here.

The appetite for organic food and drink is growing, with the market now valued at £2.2bn according to the Soil Association’s 2018 Organic Market Report 1. This represents the industry’s highest ever sales in the UK thanks to a growth of 6% in 2017. With value sales growth of 9.7% in 2017, independent retail outperformed all other sectors and now contributes around £360m in sales to the total market value.

Consumer research conducted by the Organic Trade Board in 2017 showed that 74% of consumers want to support local shops and businesses2, and with increasing numbers open to considering organic and agreeing that organic tastes better, is better for you and is worth it, the UK organic market is primed and ready for further growth.

Using breakfast, the most important meal of the day, as a focus, Wake Up To Organic wants to encourage more shoppers to make simple changes to their shopping habits. By showing the versatility of the range of products available and creating conversation points with customers, both in store and through social media and PR, the campaign aims to make it easy to make a switch to organic. The campaign is an opportunity to attract new customers into store to try organic and encouraging existing customers to try something new in organic and rewarding them for their loyalty.  

Aileen Nicol, Campaign Director at the Organic Trade Board, says: “Wake Up To Organic is becoming a key calendar event for the organic industry. It’s a real celebration of organic at breakfast and of the independent sector. By creating key moments for independent retailers to drive the conversation around organic and its benefits, we can increase consideration and strengthen consumer understanding on a broader level while offering stores the opportunity to drive footfall and generate a positive sales impact during a typically quieter period.”

2018 will see a host of independent stores, cafes and farm shops around the country offer free mini organic breakfast tasters. Each will receive a toolkit to help them promote and make the most of their events, with tips and advice on marketing activity, ideas for recipes to make up as tasters, and a pack of point of sale materials and branded samples to use.

The Organic Trade Board team will be extending the reach and impact of the campaign through social media, advertising and PR as part of their Organic. Feed Your Happy campaign. Independent stores will be encouraged to link up by using the hashtag #WakeUpToOrganic.

To find out more and take part in Wake Up To Organic visit: wakeuptoorganic.co.uk or contact Tilly Ashton at the OTB: tilly@organictradeboard.co.uk.

SOPA are once again joining forces to help Organic Trade Board with their social media organic breakfast campaign.  This was a hugely successful venture last year, with Scottish PR outperforming all other UK areas for online engagement.

The OTB have already signed up 24 shops in Scotland and are looking for more to get involved.  They can supply free samples, serving-ware and promotional leaflets to help the retailers who have signed up.

If you have a favourite retailer please encourage them to get on board and join in with Wake Up To Organic on the 13th June.


Published date: 14 May 2018