Sale Report: ANM, Thainstone Mart – Orkney Organic Store Cattle


Aberdeen & Northern Marts, store cattle sale held at Thainstone Mart on Friday 12th January included a consignment of Organic Stores from Orkney.

Organic prices back on those achieved at autumn sales although average p per kg for bullocks continued to retain price premium over non-organic stores.

Organic Store Cattle

Organic Bullocks (28) averaged 237.9p to 260p per kg for a pen of six 350kg Stabiliser crosses and £960 gross for a pair of 398kg Stabiliser crosses from New Holland, Holm.

Organic Heifers (36) averaged 193.9p to 211.2p per kg for a pen of five 322kg Stabilisers and £730 gross for a pair of 366kg Stabilisers from New Holland, Holm.

Leading prices per head

Organic Bullocks

301-350kg – New Holland, Holm (STX) £910;

351-400kg – New Holland (STX) £960; and

401-450kg – New Holland £1,070, 265.9p.

Organic Heifers

301-350kg – New Holland (STX) £720 (211.2p). 

Full sale report available at Aberdeen & Northern Marts website

Published date: 15 Jan 2018
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