Latest News on 2017 AECS Applications - Next Steps

We hear that some people have started receiving SGRPID contracts and assessments on their 2017 AECS applications. Please remember to check the schedules and sign and return the contract to your SGRPID Area Office.
If you are successful in an organic conversion contract, congratulations! 

The next steps are:
1. let us know you are successful
2. complete your full organic conversion plan (here is our guidance on How to write a conversion plan). 
3. agree an organic conversion start date with your Organic Certification Officer. You have six months from the date you receive acknowledgement of your signed contract letter from SGRPID to start organic conversion. 
4. Put SOPA Member Services telephone number 0131 335 6606  in your mobile phone, for answers to all your organic conversion questions.

Published date: 25 Oct 2017