EVENT: North East Organic Discussion Group – Fourth Meeting


North East Organic Discussion Group – Fourth Meeting

Date: Tuesday 7th November

Time: 10.30am to 16.45pm (Lunch provided)

Location: The Inkwell, Elgin Youth Café, Frances Place IV30 1LQ then move to Wester Manbeen, IV30 8TN just outside Elgin courtesy of SOPA members George, Alick and David Hendry.           

This meeting is split into two parts;

Morning Session (10.30am – 2pm) – Social Media Workshop with Rene Looper of Tuminds Social Media, The Inkwell, Elgin Youth Café, Frances Place IV30 1LQ.  There is parking nearby at Moray Street. There is a small charge of £2 for 2 to 4 hours

It is an increasingly important subject and, when used successfully, can be an effective and relatively low-cost way of finding new customers, increasing brand awareness and increasing “word of mouth” marketing.  Social media is growing and forever changing and has become the most reactive and inclusive way of communicating, sharing and doing business.  Rene has been delivering social media training and consultancy for over 10 years and will demonstrate how to make best use of the different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. It will be an interactive workshop and tailored to businesses in the agricultural and organic sector.

Afternoon Session – Move to Wester Manbeen after lunch (IV30 8TN just outside Elgin) for farm visit to see the new robotic dairy unit.


The North East Organic Farming Discussion Group has been established and funded through the Farm Advisory Service (FAS), facilitated by SAC.  This is the final meeting for 2017 and with funding secured to carry on the discussion group next year the group are being asked to put forward suggestions for discussion topics, farm visits, potential hosts, and meeting timings to develop the group over the coming year.  Please contact Aileen Buchanan to discuss your ideas further.

The group is Free to join for existing organic producers and those considering converting their business to organic management within the area. 

If you have any queries please or alternatively to book your place contact Aileen Buchanan, Senior Agricultural Consultant/Area Manager, SAC Consulting Elgin office on tel: 01343 548 787 or email: frbselgin@sac.co.uk

For catering purposes please book your place by Friday 27th October.

Published date: 17 Oct 2017