Sale Report: United Auctions, Huntly Mart - Autumn Sale of Organic Store Cattle


United Auctions held their annual Autumn sale of Organic Store Cattle at Huntly Mart on Thursday 12th October comprising of 35 organic cattle.

Organic bullocks

Up to 250kg - £510, 242.9p Dalnavert, Kincraig;

251-300kg - £640, 232.7p Dalnavert, Kincraig;

351-400kg - £910, 243p Braeholm, East Drummond;

501-550kg - £1200, 220p Braeholm, East Drummond;

Organic heifers

351-400kg - £880, 222.2p Dalnavert, Kincraig;

401-450kg - £910, 226.3p Dalnavert, Kincraig;

 Full sale report available at United Auctions Huntly Mart

Published date: 17 Oct 2017