Organic certification for any UK food and drink business

Organic Food Processing Regulations apply to activities such as packing vegetables for box schemes, packing eggs, cutting meat, baking cakes and preparing meals.  And OF&G (Scotland) Ltd brings years of organic expertise to all food processing enterprises.

OF&G (Scotland) Ltd holds approval to certify under the EU Regulation 834/2007 and 889/2008 that lay out the statutory regulations that processors and importers of organic products and animal feed in the UK. OF&G (Scotland) Ltd certify all organic products to the SOPA Organic Standards.

Animal feeds must be certified under the SOPA Organic Processing Scheme.

The SOPA Organic Standards strictly protect the ingredients that go into processed foods or drinks.  It is a key requirement that there is sufficient separation between organic and non-organic foods.  And we demand that there are no additives nor hydrogenated fats used in the processing of organic foods.

Our pragmatism does not compromise our professionalism.

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