The SOPA Evaluation Scheme Approves Products for Use in Organic Systems

These products are

  • Soil conditioners and fertilising materials
  • Pest and disease control materials
  • Livestock minerals and  trace elements
  • Disinfectants for livestock buildings

The Evaluation Scheme is for products that are not organic but can be Approved for Use in Organic Systems.  There are strict protocols about ingredients and manufacturing processes.

There are two types of approved product to look out for:

SOPA Approved product (can be freely used) and the SOPA Approved Product with Restricted Use (can only be used with prior permission from OF&G Scotland).  These logos are used to identify Approved Products:





Gaining Approval for Use greatly helps companies to reassure organic clients that their organic status will not be compromised by using the Approved Product.  Instant recognition of the SOPA logo gives confidence to organic farmers and growers seeking Approved Inputs.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that organic certificates are supplied with all purchases.  Organic certificates for all inputs will be required at inspection.

For more information about the SOPA Evaluation Scheme download this Guidance Note Introduction to Evaluation of Approved Products

You can download the Application Form here Application form for the Evaluation of Approved Products Scheme