United States and EU Equivalence Agreement


Trade of organic produce between the US and the EU is currently controlled by an Equivalence Agreement. 

There is open trade of certified organic produce EXCEPT for the following:

  • apples coming from the USA can not be treated with a specific type of antibiotic used in the USA to control fire blight
  • Unlike EU Organic livestock, the US organic regulation clearly prohibits the use of antibiotics in organic animals. Organic animals treated with antibiotics must be removed from the organic herd and their milk or meat must not be sold as organic. All organic products for export to the US that contain dairy or meat ingredients must be accompanied by a certificate that these components have been produced without antibiotics.

OF&G (Scotland) Ltd on behalf of SOPA is able to consider applications for US Organic Equivalence. OF&G (Scotland) organic certification staff can provide further information on the additional certification requirements, documents and labelling for organic products for US import/export.

Certification must be in place prior to physical movement of the organic produce.

For more information about the Equivalence Agreement contact us here.