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17th December 2015

Uradale Organic Farm in Shetland

By Ronnie Eunson, SOPA farmer in Shetland

Having started down the Organic path in 2000 it has been a challenging experience. Shetland has less than 100 ‘growing days’ a year with Aberdeenshire enjoying at least double this figure. 

This fact notwithstanding Uradale in 2015 has made some progress. We halved our sheep numbers and increased our cattle. All our stock is native Shetland – the most efficient and productive for us.

uradale aeiral

The Egg Shed @ Rotmell Farm

Organic Free Range Eggs from Alexander Brewster

The Egg Shed is situated just 4 miles north of the beautiful town of Dunkeld in the Tay Valley in Perthshire.

We have around 4000 Organic Lohmann Brown laying hens who live in 2 Hen houses overlooking, what we think, is one of the best views in Scotland.

Rotmell Hens

The girls roam freely during the day over hectares of land, often joined by our sheep and cattle. They love the company and often get close to the livestock. The livestock don’t seem to mind either as you can see from the photos.