Scotland’s Organic Action Plan

‘Seeking your views’

In March 2011, the Scottish Government, in collaboration with the Scottish Organic Forum (SOF) published the Organic Action Plan [OAP] Organic Futures 2011

This was intended to be a ‘living document’ which would be regularly reviewed. Following on from the OAP the SOF has proposed some new actions. To ensure the Action Plan continues to meet the needs of Scotland’s organic sector and to facilitate greater industry engagement, the SOF has sought views on the proposed new actions outlined under the three headings below:

Supporting Organic Production

Action 1:  The SOF will develop Continued Professional Development mentoring and skill enhancement through
initiatives such as the Monitor Farm Programme

Sustainable economic growth of the organic food and drink sector

Action 2:  Supply Chain Mapping
2.1 The SOF will work within the supply chain to promote collaborative initiatives on a geographical and/or market sector basis

2.2 The SOF will engage with marketing outlets from Multiple Retailers, through to Farm Shops and Farmers’ Markets to sign post and raise awareness of opportunities

2.3 The SOF will develop a mentoring programme for supply chain participants
Action 3:  The SOF will liaise with Scottish Development International/ Scotland Food & Drink to identify and promote export opportunities to exploit expanding organic markets.

Action 4:  Scottish Government will provide clear signposting to business support / funding for organic producers and processors

Understanding Organics

Action 5: The SOF will encourage organic businesses to enter competitions and award schemes and ensure appropriate publicity opportunities for successes

Action 6: The SOF will support, stimulate and facilitate New Product Development in the organic sector

Action 7: The SOF will engage with industry stakeholders out with the sector to communicate benefits of organic farming

Action 8: The SOF will support food education on organic farming and food for school children, students and apprentices through a range of initiatives including Food for Life Scotland

Action 9: The SOF will develop and disseminate simple messages on organic food and farming that can be used generically

Action 10: The SOF will review marketing campaigns in other countries and identify promotional opportunities working in conjunction with other promotional organisations


 The review of the Action Plan will be published by the Scottish Organic Forum in 2013