The Scottish Organic Forum is a partnership between industry and government, delivering the Scottish Organic Action Plan 2016-2020 Organic Ambitions 

At the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 28 January, a large crowd of organic enthusiasts gathered to welcome the new Scottish Organic Action Plan "Organic Ambitions".

richardlochhead wendyseel

Cabinet Secretary Richard Lochhead welcomed the Plan and enjoyed a taste of Black Isle Brewery Organic Beers with Wendy Seel, chair of the Scottish Organic Forum who drove the development of the Plan.


SOPA Chair Alec Brewster said "As Scotland’s largest organic organisation, we are delighted to be part of this plan and we will strike off on the front foot to get these ambitions up and running"

Organic Ambitions places the fundamentals for growth in the next five years around Knowledge, Strengths, Skills, and Resilience.  You can find out more and read the full document ambitions (download)


Scotland's Organic Action Plan 2013-2015

In May 2013 Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Mr Richard Lochhead, launched a new Organic Action Plan for Scotland's organic sector. The Organic Action Plan is a key policy document endorsed by Scottish Government and the members of the Scottish Organic Forum.

Key areas of work are

Supporting Organic Production

Sustainable economic growth of our organic food and drink sector

Understanding Organics



You can find out more about the key actions by downloading this Scotland Organic Action Plan 2013-15 




In 2011 the Forum published the Scottish Organic Action Plan. You can  download it here.

Organic Futures 2011

The Forum is currently reviewing Organic Futures and will publish new actions later in 2012.  Your views are sought on the proposed actions.  You can find out more here.

The Forum has launched a web portal where you can find out more about us.

The Forum objective is to Strengthen and promote Scotland's organic food and drink supply chain through collaboration.

Our key areas of work are:

  • Support the delivery of Organic Futures
  • Liaise with other UK and EU authorities
  • Lobby for organic issues in Scotland
  • Exchange information to benefit the Scottish Organic Supply Chain
  • Support relevant marketing activities
  • Discuss miscellaneous issues that may impact the Scottish organic sector.

Members of the Forum are





Caledonian Organics

Soil Association

Organic Grower's Alliance

Scottish Government



You can contact the Forum Secretariat by email here


Alternatively, SOPA Members can contact Debs Roberts who sits on the Forum on behalf of SOPA members by email here