Organic Certification is required for businesses that act as intermediaries in the organic supply chain. 

We call this Certification for Merchants.

Merchants undertake activities such as

  • Wholesaling of bulk goods
  • Bulk Storage (eg grain, straw, dried goods)
  • Trade where you take ownership of the product (eg livestock procurement)

The EU deem the full supply chain should be certified in order to protect the integrity of the organic product.   

Retailers selling pre-packed organic foods DO NOT require certification. 

If you are buying bulk goods and re-packing them for sale you will be a Simple Processor and will require certification.

This rule means that if you are currently storing organic produce such as livestock, silage, straw, grain without any organic certification, you will more than likely need to obtain it; otherwise the organic produce you purchase will lose its organic status and it will not be able to sold as organic.  This has implications for purchasing organic farmers as they will be committing a non-compliance if they purchase goods stored by a non-certified wholesaler.