Conversion and Maintenance Support for Farmers

Funding to convert your farm to organic production and maintain organic production is available through the Scottish Government's Agri Environment and Climate Change Scheme (AECS). The 2021 window for applications closed on 30th June 2021.   Find out more about Scottish Government's funding programme here

How much are the grants worth?

AECS payment rates grid

Funding contracts last five years and payment is made annually.  The payment rates vary according to the type of land.  You must remain certified for the duration of the funding contract, so your funding depends on you complying with the SOPA Scottish Organic Standards.

We can also act as a your agent and do your AECS application for you.  We have specially qualified staff who have 100% success rate in organic AECS.

If you are interested in finding out more about how SOPA's Scottish organic standards can work on your farm, contact us here with your questions.  We can help you understand organic rotations, biological nitrogen fixation, how to cut down on your antibiotics in livestock and manage your farm environment in a friendly way.

If you want to keep abreast of developments in the organic sector then you can sign up to SOPA-INSIGHT for news updates here.  We will send you regular news about market opportunities, growth areas, organic policy and organic funding, for only £50 (+VAT) per year.

Becoming a Subscriber does not entail full membership of SOPA.

Food Processing, Marketing and Co-operation (FPMC)

Scottish Government also offers competitive support for business development in processing, marketing or co-operative initiatives.  FPMC is open to any operator in the food chain so food processors, retailers and other food service operators can all apply. Find out more here.

SOPA can assist with feasibility studies and consultancy advice to FPMC applications. Enquire here.