NOW is a good time to Go Organic


1. Markets are growing

2. Many organic commodities are achieving considerable premia

3. No Greening required

4. Scottish Government are to run a restricted AECS application round for 2021 which is open until the 30th June 2021 and includes funding support for organic conversion & maintenance. Find out more here

5. We have a new Scottish Organic Action Plan detailing industry and Scottish Government strategies for growth and business resilience.  You can find out more and read the full document ambitions (download)


SOPA can help prepare you for conversion and answer all your questions.

Find out if it is right for you by emailing here or call SOPA Member Services on 0300 772 9795. 

You can also download our Guidance Notes for more information

The SOPA Standards for Organic Production

How to write a conversion plan

How to Decide on a Conversion Date

Application Form for SOPA Organic Producer scheme

Still hungry for more information?

Try SOPA-INSIGHT the organic advice service for advisers, agents and people who want access to more specialised information about organic farming in Scotland.


SOPA-Insight includes:

1. Regular INSIGHT emails with news and updates usually reserved for Members Only

2.  Methodical guidance on the intricacies of the Scottish Government AECS organic funding application process


The regular INSIGHT information you receive will vary weekly and include topics such as market intelligence, networks and contacts in the organic sector, the latest updates on funding and news on policy that affects organic businesses.


The Annual Subscription runs from January to December and costs £50+VAT for producers (farmers and growers).

Email here to sign up

Becoming a Subscriber does not entail full membership of SOPA.